Bog the Dog and Friends

               Bog the Dog

Bog the dog is the newest character in the world of

animation. He likes making new friends and continues

to expand his circle of friends. Some of his closest

friends are Chewy, Forrest, Sugar, and Kaboom. He

likes to sing songs, and can dance to any beat.




             Forrest the Bear

Forrest is always nice and respectful. He knows

everything about anything. He is known as

the professor of the group, "The Wise Bear."




              Sugar the Horse

Sugar is everybody’s best friend. You can count

on her. She listens to you and tries to help you

with any problem that you might be have.




                  Kaboom the Monkey

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world ?

Kaboom likes to travel to exotic, exciting, and

legendary places. Hang around with Kaboom

 because he will tell you about the places he has

visited and about his next travel plans. He has a

huge imagination.




           Chewy the Rabbit

This rabbit will motivate you to do your best

and excel in what ever you like to do. He

believes that most problems have a

solution….he will answer with his “Easy

Cheesy” phrase.